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What's the difference between 5-axis Machining and 5-axis turn-milling?
What's the difference between 5-axis Machining and 5-axis turn-milling?
What's the difference between 5-axis Machining and 5-axis turn-milling?
What's the difference between 5-axis Machining and 5-axis turn-milling?
What's the difference between 5-axis Machining and 5-axis turn-milling?

Both 5-axis machining and 5-axis turn-mill machining are suitable for processing complex parts. Both of two types can realize multi-process with once clamping, and capable of high efficiency and high precision. But what’s the difference between them?

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Difference Between 5-axis machining and 5-axis Mill Turn

What is 5-axis machining?

Normally, Five-axis machining are capable of 5 axes simultaneous machining, and supported by numerical control system, servo system and RTCP function. Five-axis machining has excellent performance on the machining of curved surface, highly complex shapes, special shapes, hollow parts, oblique holes and bevel cutting etc.

What is 5-axis mill turn machining?

The 5-axis mill turn machining combined the turning and milling, which can realize many different processing through the linkage of two machining. This kind of machining can perform drilling, tapping, milling, as well as turning for outer circle and inner holes.

Five-axis turn-mill  is the representative technology of multi-axis machining. The 5-axis turn-mill machine center is the carrier of five-axis turn-mill technology. The 5-axis turn-mill machine center is the general term for the machine tool which main function is turning, and integrated milling and boring, and possess three linear feed axes and two round feed axes at least, and equipped automatic tool changing system. This turn mill combined machine center is developed on the basis of 3-axis lathe center, which is equivalent to a composite of a turning center and machining center. It is a composite machining technology developed in the 1990s. Five-axis turn mill machining is an advanced mechanical machining technology which integrated modern advanced control technology, precise testing technology and the application technology of CAD/CAM on the basis of traditional mechanical design technology and precise manufacturing technology.

Usually, the five-axis turning-milling are used to make the parts which has requirement on turning and milling, as well as high precision on dimension.

What's the Advantages of 5-axis machining?

Five-axis machining or five-axis milling is brilliant when machining complex shapes and high precision objects. As the machine tool or probe can approach the parts from any direction after once clamping. There are many remarkable advantages on 5-axis CNC machining.

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5-Axis Milling

High Accuracy and Precision

The precision of 5 axis CNC milling is very high, as it need the least installation. Extra installation will cause more mistakes.

With the help of 5-axis machining technology, we solved the precision problem of the workpiece which need multi re-position for complicate angels. Not only the machining time is shorten, the machining precision is also improved greatly.

Excellent Surface Finish

The configuration of five-axis machine center will contribute to create high quality finish surface. The position of parts is closer to the cutting tool of 5-axis machine. And the last two axis are able to use express tool, and these tools won't vibrate greatly, which will bring high surface finish.

High Production Efficiency

Five-axis machining will shorten the CNC machining time and auxiliary process time efficiently. The main spindle of Five-axis CNC machine has high speed and feed range, which give the machine strong cutting ability.  Due to the quick movement and position of 5-axis machining and high speed cutting, the turn around cycle of semi-finished products are cut down, along with the improvement of production efficiency and precision.

What's the advantage of 5-axis turn-mill machining?

The 5-axis turn-mill machine is the machine which has both turning function of turning center and milling function of CNC machine center, and both two functions can be performed on one machine.

There are many other noticeable advantages in 5-axis turn-mill machining.

1. The reduction of production line and on-machining quantity

The 5-axis turn-mill machining can perform a complete machining process on the workpiece. The complete machining reduced the production line greatly. Due to all machine task are sent to one working position, the production management and plan are simplified. The production plan is no need any more. The complicate is workpiece is , the big advantage the 5-axis turn-mill machining will have.

With the reduction of production line, the quantity of on machining product is decreased relatively.

2. The reduction of base changing, the precision will be increased.

The integration of process improved the efficiency of machining. Due to the parts need once clamping during entire machining process, it's easy to assurance the precision of machining.

3. Dual spindles, Higher Efficiency

Usually, 5-axis turn-mill machine center will equipped with dual power heads, dual spindles and dual tool holders, which can realize simultaneous processing for multiple tools, and the machining will be improved effectively.

What’s the difference between 5-axis machining and 5-axis mill turn?cid=42

5-Axis Turnmill


The main difference between 5-axis machining and 5-axis turn-mill machining is on the machining type and the workpiece.

The main function of 5- axis machining is milling, it's best advantage is on the machining of the complex shapes and complicate special parts which require high precision.

The main function of 5-axis turn-mill machining is turning, and it's subsidiary function is milling. It has great advantages when the main structure of the workpiece is round. As 5-axis turn-mill machine center can perform turning and milling simultaneously.

Application area

Five-axis machining is commonly used in aerospace, especially for the parts with free curved surface. Such as body parts, turbine parts, and impeller.

The aim of five-axis turn-mill machining is improving the quality of products and shortening the manufacturing cycle. Hence, this technology has dominant position on automatic equipment, medical equipment, communication, automotive, particularly in the processing of complex parts.

This article is written by Kesu Group. Kesu Group have been professional in precise parts machining for 10 years. Our company have invested in many 5-axis CNC machine centers and 5-axis turn-mill machine centers. We can machining many different kinds of precision parts with high difficulty and complex shapes. Our best tolerance can achieve ±0.002mm. Please contact us if you want to know more about 5-axis machining or 5-axis turn-mill machining.

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