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Brushed Finish

NameApplicable MaterialColorsThicknessRoughness
Brushed FinishAluminium, Stainless Steel,Brass, Copper///

The brushed finish is a surface treatment method that forms lines on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product to achieve a decorative effect. According to the type of different lines after brushed finish, the brush finish can be divided into: straight drawing, chaotic drawing, corrugation, and swirling.

Brushed Finish

Stainless Steel Brushed

Due to the brushed finish can reflect the texture of metal materials, it has been favored by more and more users, and becoming more and more popular.

Brushed is a method which improve the surface finish of workpiece by making cloth  reciprocate, and rub back and forth on the surface of the workpiece. Generally, the texture of the surface is linear. The brushed finish can improve the surface quality and hide minor scratches on the surface.

Brushed Finish

Aluminium Brushed 

Technical features:

The brushed finish can make the metal surface obtain a non-mirror-like metallic luster, and the brush finish can also eliminate the fine defects on the metal surface.

Brushed Finish

Cooper Brushed 

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