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NameApplicable MaterialColorsThicknessRoughness
Grinding/Lapping Aluminium, Stainless Steel,Brass, Copper and other metals//Ra0.63~0.01μm

Kesu Hardware specialize in one-stop manufacturing service for CNC machining and post finishes. We provide professional service for grinding.

Grinding or Lapping

(1) The processing method, which will grind a very thin metal layer from the surface of the workpiece with abrasive tools and abrasives, is called lapping.

(2) Lapping is a method which does fine finish to the workpiece. The main function of lapping is to make the workpiece obtain high dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and extremely small surface roughness.

Lapping treatment is a very important sub-process in surface treatment technology. It has a wide range of applications in the industry. 

Lapping treatment refers to the use of abrasive particles coated or press-embedded on the grinding tool, through the grinding tool and the workpiece under a certain pressure finishing processing (such as cutting) performed on the machined surface by relative motion. Lapping can be used to process various metal and non-metal materials. The available processed surface shapes include flat surfaces, inner and outer cylindrical and conical surfaces, convex and concave spherical surfaces, threads, tooth surfaces and other profiles. The processing accuracy can reach IT5~01, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.63~0.01 μm.

Grinding, which will use a coarse-grained grinding wheel to machining inflated surface or outer circle at fast speed, till get the required dimension.

Lapping,  which will  make the product  refined and rested, and make the surface of the workpiece reaches the smoothness you need.

In a word, it is the difference between rough grinding and fine grinding.


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