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Transfer Printing

NameApplicable MaterialColorsThicknessRoughness
Transfer PrintingStainless Steel, Metal with Coating, ABS,PE,PPAny RAL code or Pantone number//

Transfer Printing composed of Water Transfer Printing and Thermal Transfer Printing.

Water transfer Printing: It is a kind of printing that uses water pressure to hydrolyze the transfer paper or plastic film with color patterns. 

Thermal transfer Printing:

 It is a technique in which patterns are printed on heat-resistant adhesive paper, and the patterns of the ink layer are printed on the finished material by heating and pressing.

Transfer printing process will transfer the exquisite patterns of the transfer film to the surface of the product via a one-time process (heat and pressure) by the heat transfer machine. The ink layer and the surface of the product will be melt as one after finish, which is very vivid and beautiful, and will improve the grade of the product greatly.

Transfer Printing

Heat transfer Printing on Stainless Steel

What is thermal transfer printing?

 Thermal transfer printing is a new method which prints patterns on goods with various materials. It is  suitable for producing a small number of personalized and customized products, as well as patterns printing which  contains full-color images or photos. The principle of thermal transfer is print digital patterns on the special transfer paper with special transfer ink and  printer. Then the special transfer machine will transfer patterns to the surface of product accurately under the high temperature and high pressure, thus the printing of product is finished.

Thermal transfer printing, like one-time multi-color, arbitrary complex color, and transitional color printing, can be applied on any relatively flat materials, such as organic glass, metal, plastic, etc. There is no need for plate making, color registration and complicated exposure procedures, so it will not cause damage to the material.

Available Materials:  ABS, PE, PP, stainless steel, coated metal, etc.

Transfer Printing

Transfer Printing

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