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Titanium Alloy 3D Printing Services

Titanium 6AI-4V is the ideal material of 3D Printing, which composed mainly of Titanium (88-90%), Aluminum (5.50-6.5%) and Vanadium (3.50-4.50%).  This grade 5, titanium alloy has great strength, high resistance to  oxidation and acid, lightweight which density of 4.41g/cm3. The 3D printed titanium parts has great advantage on aerospace, as one kilogram reduction of spacecraft could lower the launch costs 20,000 US dollars, thus each gram in lightweight design counts. The main metal 3D printing service of Kesu Group is on titanium alloy.

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Why choose titanium alloy in 3D printing technology?

Titanium alloy has many advantages, such as the high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance, high strength, low density and bio-compatibility. Therefore, titanium alloy has been widely used in the fields of aerospace, chemical industry, nuclear industry, sports equipment and medical equipment.

TiAl6V4 (TC4) is one of the first-used alloy in SLM industrial production. TC4 has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and it can be used in aerospace, automotive and medical industries. Titanium has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low thermal expansion, high corrosion resistance, sterilization and bio-compatibility. That's why it's very popular in 3D printing.