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Jiming Tang
Chief Executive Officer Jiming Tang
Jamse Tang is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kesu Hardware Group Co.,Ltd. As the senior engineer, James established the Dongguan Guanjie Prototype Co.,Ltd in 2008. Mr.Tang is also the co-funder of Guan Da Prototype Hongkong Co.,Ltd. In 2012, Mr.Tang and his sales team marched into the Japenese market succussfully. When it comes to 2014, Mr.Tang and his partner established Dongguan Guansu Prototype Co.,Ltd. Under the leadship of Mr.Tang, the sales value of Guansu Prototype reached 20 million in 2015. In 2018, Mr.Tang and his partner established Kesu Hardware Group Co.,Ltd.
Huaming Yang
Manager Huaming Yang
Huaming Yang is the production manger of Kesu Hardware Group Co.,Ltd. Mr.Yang has been invoting himself into CNC machining industry for 17 years. He had been got the chance to participated variety kinds of front-line work in precise CNC machining. Mr.Yang's experience makes him could understand almost every processing requirement and the production details. In the past, Mr.Yang did a great job on the manufacturing management. Such as the project preview to the formulation machining solution, the production arrangement and accomplishment. Due to Yang's good job, 95% of our orders are completed in time.
Tony Zhu
Foreign Trade Manager Tony Zhu
Tony Zhu is the foreign trade manager of Kesu Hardware Group Co.,Ltd. Tony is taking charge of the foreign trade business team and the marketing of the social media. As the English major, Mr.Zhu started his carrer in the foreign trade business at 2014. Tony and his team have been worked with many Fortune 500 companies and peer companies. In the past, Mr.Zhu did a great job in the the business communication and technology discussion, and established good relationship with many foreign customers and experts in CNC machining and rapid prototyping. Tony have a deep idea on many foreign culture and industry technology. Tony's goal is helping customers save time and cost, and providing the best one-stop service.
Jiahao Wen
Domestic Sales Manager Jiahao Wen
Jiahao Wen is the domestic sales manager of Kesu Hardware Group Co.,Ltd. As an engineer and operator, Mr.Wen is very talented on the technic and business issues. Mr.Wen has 7-years of experience on the CNC machining. In the past 7 years, Mr.Wen accumulated rich experience in production technics and business development. He can always analyzing the product structure and design completely, as well as the exact requirement from customers. Because Mr.Wen has a deep idea for the processing crafts, and he can always give efficiency machining solutions. Mr.Wen did a great job in the past, and won great success in business. Thanks to Wen's contribution, our business team are expanding in an amazing speed.
Yaoquan Long
Production Director Yaoquan Long
Yaoquan Long is the production director of Kesu Hardware Group Co.,Ltd. As an experienced engineer leader in Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. , Mr.Long is responsible for the programming team. Since 2005, Mr.Long engaged himself in the mould manufacturing and precise CNC machining. Due to Mr.Long working experience in GREE, which makes him can always pay high attention on the product quality, technology research, and systematic management. In the past, Mr.Long did a great job on seizing the R&D requirement, and providing scientific and rigorous processing solutions. Thanks to Mr.Long's hardwork, our quality and efficiency are improved greatly.
Qiuxian Liu
Quality Manager Qiuxian Liu
Qiuxian Liu is the quality manager of Kesu Hardware Group Co.,Ltd. As an experienced QC, Miss.Liu is responsible for the quality assurance team. Miss Liu has a deep idea on how to control the quality by fully utilizing our advanced and normal measuring equipment. At present, the QA team equiped with many testing device, such as CMM, 2.5D CMM, Altimeter, XRF-Spectrometer, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Micrometer, and Calliper etc. Miss Liu can always control the products quality perfectly, she is very serious on all quality control stages, from IQC, to IPQC, FQC, OQC and TQC. Miss Liu did a great job on the quality control in the past.
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