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Large CNC Turning
Large CNC Turning
Large CNC Turning
Large CNC Turning
Large CNC Turning

CNC machine tools are automatic processing equipment, which play an increasingly important role in the mass production of modern machinery. CNC machines can continuously produce complex, multi-dimensional metal and plastic parts of various shapes and sizes. It is most suitable for multi-processing varieties and plastic parts, parts requiring high precision, and parts with small surface roughness values.

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Large CNC Turning At Kesu Group

1. Application of large CNC lathes

Large CNC lathes are high-precision, high-efficiency machine tools that are widely used in the processing of large shaft and conical workpieces in the manufacturing industry. Mainly used in aviation, automobile, ship, high-speed train, electric power, mining and other industries.

Second, the advantages of large CNC lathes

1. High precision

Large CNC lathes have high machining accuracy and can achieve high-precision turning, milling and drilling. High-precision, high-quality parts can be processed.

2. High processing efficiency

Large CNC lathes have high processing efficiency, can realize high-speed cutting and continuous processing, and greatly improve production efficiency.

3. High degree of automation

Large-scale CNC lathes have a high degree of automation, which can realize functions such as automatic tool change, automatic measurement, and automatic adjustment, which reduces manual intervention and improves machining accuracy and efficiency.

4. Wide adaptability

Large CNC lathes can process large, long-axis, and large-diameter workpieces with wide adaptability to meet the needs of different industries.

5. Low maintenance cost

Large CNC lathes have a long service life, low maintenance costs, and high cost performance.

In short, large CNC lathes are high-precision, high-efficiency machine tools that are widely used in manufacturing and can achieve high-quality, high-efficiency production and processing.

Large CNC Turning

The difference between CNC machining and traditional machining:

1. Processing technology

In ordinary machining process, no matter it is positioning reference, clamping method, tool, cutting method, etc., it can be simplified, but the data processing process is more complicated, and these factors need to be fully considered, and even if the same processing The CNC machining process can have multiple plans, and can arrange multiple processing parts and processing tools as the main line. The process has diversified characteristics, which is the difference between the CNC machining process and the traditional machining process.

2. Clamping and Fixtures

In the CNC machining process, not only the coordinate direction of the fixture and the machine tool must be relatively fixed, but also the dimensional relationship between the part and the machine tool coordinate system should be coordinated. Moreover, the two steps of positioning and clamping need to be effectively controlled during the clamping process. Moreover, under the traditional machining process, due to the limited processing capacity of the machine tool itself, it is necessary to perform multiple clamping during the machining process. Moreover, it is necessary to use a special fixture, which leads to higher costs in the design and manufacture of the fixture, which virtually increases the production cost of the product. The NC machining process positioning can be debugged by instruments, and in most cases, no special fixture design is required, so the cost is relatively low.

3. Knives

In the process of processing, the selection of cutting tools needs to be determined according to the different processing technology and processing methods. Especially in CNC machining, the use of high-speed cutting is not only conducive to the improvement of processing efficiency, but also the processing quality can be guaranteed, effectively reducing the probability of cutting deformation and shortening the processing cycle, so the demand for cutting tools is further increased under high-speed cutting .

At present, there is also a dry cutting method, which cuts without adding cutting fluid or only adding a small amount of cutting fluid, so the tool needs to have good heat resistance. Compared with ordinary machining technology, CNC machining technology has higher requirements on the performance of cutting tools.

Large CNC Turning

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