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More 5-axis Machines Arrive New Plant

Jan. 21, 2022

As a CNC machine shop, we are very happy to see more 5-axis machines arriving our new plant. These 5-axis JINGDIAO machines will bring us more confidence on CNC machining service.

Today, more 5-axis machines arrived. These 5-axis CNC machines are moving from our 5-axis department to the new plant of Kesu Hardware Group Co., Ltd. Many of these 5-axis machines are JDGR400T.


 More 5-axis Machines Arrive

JDGR400T is equipped with the high speed precise electrical spindle of Jingdiao which standard torque reached 21.5nm. This remarkable spindle can meet the need of vast range of tools, which can realize multiple machining, like milling, grinding, drilling, boring, and tapping etc. JDGR 400T is adopted with full-closed loop control technology, which enable it fit for the five-axis machining of precise mould, precise parts and intricate hardware parts.

•More stable geometry precision of machine. JDGR400T is adopted with fixed girder gantry structure, and combined with L-type structure of three guide rail crossbeam and short overhanging machine head, which make the geometry precision of machine more stable.

•Less wear on tool, as this 5-axis is capable of 0.1μm feeding and 0.1μm cutting.

•Improved safety during processing, as JDGR400T can simulate the machining process by software and optimize the process craft.

•The accuracy of machining size can be improved sufficiently with the help of on-machine measurement and intelligent correction on the position and dimension of workpiece.

•Capable of multiple ability, such as milling, grinding, drilling, boring and tapping. As JDGR400T is equipped with high speed synchronous motorized spindle which diameter is 150mm.


More 5-axis Machines Arrive

JDGR400T Specifications
Control SystemJD50 Control System
Simultaneous Axes5 simultaneous axes
Tool Magzine36Tools
Magzine TypeChain Magzine
Max Afford Weight150kg
Main Spindle Speed20000rpm
Positional Precision (X/Y/Z)X:0.002mm,Y:0.002mm,Z:0.002mm
A/C 8"/8"
Re-positional PrecisionX:0.0018mm,Y:0.0018mm,Z:0.0018mm
A/C 5"/5"
Platform Size400mm
X/Y/Z StrokeX:450mm,Y:680mm,Z:400mm
A/C Stroke120°~90°/360°

More 5-axis Machines Arrive

Available for multiple machining industries.

Precise mould machining, Precise abrasive machining

Continuous machining on nanometer-level roughness, and stable condition of 0.1μm feeding and 0.1μm cutting.

Standard high speed precise electrical spindle JD150S which torque can reach 21.5Nm. Which can meet the need of vast range of tools when machining precise mould. For example, the large diameter face milling cutter can be used to process the big surface of the mould. This 5-axis CNC machine can also process deep hole and deep cavity if equipped with hollow water spindle of Jingdiao.

More 5-axis Machines Arrive

High-volume machining of metal parts.

Equipped with JD150S the high-speed precision electric spindle of Jingdiao , which can perform compound processing such as milling, grinding, drilling, boring and tapping.

Process efficiency is improved greatly, as the spindle JD150S can be used for side milling and trochoidal processing.

The high-efficiency processing on mass production.  JDGR400T is equipped with the hydraulic fixture interface of the turntable, and cooperate with the automatic hydraulic fixture, which realize the fast clamping to the workpiece ;

In-machine spray system can be installed to cooperate with in-machine screw-type chip conveyor to quickly discharge in-machine chips;

JDGR400T can be equipped with an external scraper type chip conveyor, which will collect a large amount of chips into the chip collection trolley, and extend the chip cleaning cycle in mass production.

More 5-axis Machines Arrive

Stable Machining Quality

Fully closed-loop control technology is adopted. Each linear axis is also equipped with a grating ruler which can ensure the motion accuracy of the machine tool.

The cradle-type two-axis direct-drive turntable has the function of holding brake, which will ensure stable positioning and processing.

All-round cooling to key heat-generating object, which will ensure the thermal stability of the machine tool. Such as spindle, bearing seat, turntable motor, and wire nut.

The fully enclosed machine tool protective cover is added, which will reduce the impact of external ambient temperature on the internal ambient temperature.

The tool compensation system is standard, and the Jingdiao on-machine measurement system is optional, which will monitor the status of tools, fixtures and workpieces, and ensure the processing quality of product.

More 5-axis Machines Arrive

We believe that these 5-axis machines will help us provide our customers better CNC machining service in near future. We are also ready  to take on jobs of any size, from a single part to one million parts, for CNC machining.

Upload your 2D & 3D drawings, along with the material, finish, and quantity. Get instant quote now! You can also send RFQ to enquiry@kesugroup.com directly.